earth-hour-candle meditation

Healing, Cleansing, Consolidation and Astral Travel Meditation, best conducted in the dark (it is allowed to use „psychedelics“ (see spiritualized medicine page) as aids):

First turn on some good vibration music.

Next light some candles and light some incense.

Then turn off all electric lights and devices, except the music.

Find a for you comfortable spot, preferably a couch or sofa.

Sit cross-legged on that spot, and lean your back, as straight as possible (don’t force it),  against a cushion.

Now lay your hands on each other with the palms up, and put them close to your base and second chakra (grounding)

Now close your eyes, breathe softly, and say a prayer to your guardian angels, that they may guide you through the meditation process.

Turn of your mind/thinking.

Now relax and open up to the universe

Now you can lay your hands, palms up, on your knees and tip each of your fingers together with the thumb (closing inner energy circles and receiving energy from all around)

Inhale good vibes and exhale bad spirits and energies and let the angels guide you through astral realms!

Connect with the holy spirit and god!

At the end of the meditation you can wash your face and head symbolically with light from the source of all-and-all for coming down.

volunteering_hotmeal-Work and money

Can work and its worth only be defined and implemented in a capitalistic way, as working for “industry”/capitalist structures and being payed/treasured with an abstract thought concept, that materialised in form of colourful painted paper? What about housemen/wifes, philosophers, scientists, spiritualists, honorary/voluntary work, etc. ?

dupli/replicator matter light

If you somehow out of „free“ energy (quantum energy generator) create a proto matter/proto plasma (see e=m*c^2 -> m=e/c^2 and the particle/wave duality of photons and maybe other electromagnetic waves), and let’s say you take a “Schweinebraten” and somehow through quantum entanglement synchronise and transfer electromagnetically the quantum info (strobed and through quantawavevibration transferred) from the “Schweinebraten” (you could also duplicate houses and other stuff of course) on to the proto plasma matter then you might have something like a Duplicator (Food machine), like in star trek!
(one should have of course always the mass and gravity of earth in consideration, regarding a duplicator)


quantum energy generator

Now look at the proposition “Energy neither can be created nor can it be destroyed!”.

What does it mean that energy can’t be created?
Where did it come from?
From Nothingness?
Since it can’t be created but it anyways exists and since nothingness doesn’t seem to exist but infinity/eternity, it should have existed since ever -> infinite energy!
And if it can’t be destroyed, it will exist for ever ->infinite energy -> so it must be infinite, because if you maybe destroy it with a black hole and so turn it into a matter/singularity, the infinite would be destroyed, and one day will turn to nothing/nothingness, that doesn’t seem to exist in itself, so nothingness don’t exist at all but infinity/eternity, on and on it goes!
The snake (infinity) bites itself in the tail again!
(I seen the source of all-and-all in a vision creating new life and multiverses nonstop)

great cleansing

Is now the time come when the light/love/spiritual force (might, power, Macht?), which is regarded by the angels, the lord and the “lovers” as the mightiest force, overcoming the dark/destructive hate/materialistic force = power, and in that context the dark force makes a last endeavour to rear up and fight the positive, like the Hopi prophesied a last big (war)cleansing, like in John’s revelation, if mankind doesn’t want to change, considering the uprising of fascism, materialism and other terrorist forces?

Is it the end of Yin, Yang, Tao, resulting in eternal love and light?

Utopia versus Money

There are existing rich people in this world, therefore also consequentially must be existing poor people, because the money obviously floats from the poor towards rich (capitalist) people.

People nowadays still cling to the idea, that it is fair, that managers and bosses can hire wage-slave-workers for mass production and other money milking mass businesses. In these mass industries/services the output of products/services, the sales and the gains can become enormous, so that the managers/bosses/shareholders take the main share of the money, because “they work so hard” and have a “responsibility for the business”, though every single worker is equally important, working equally “hard” and has an equal “responsibility” for the outcome of the product/service (even the janitor, without a clean toilet, the workers would become ill, and the production would halt, but the work force market has a certain contingent of jobless people, so the capitalists can pick their workers at will, and we have to be, and „feel“ fortunate if they pick us, so they also can keep wages “lean” and keep the business running by exchanging, in their eyes obsolete or missing, for whatever reason, workers).

The capitalists still have the destructive idea of maximum gain (not even considering mental and physical health and the environment) for minimum investment (also considering wages, etc.)!

If we would try to solve the distribution problem of wealth for example with so very much money in this world, printing out bills uncontrolled, and distributing it to the people, so that, let’s say  the poorest would own about 1 mil €/$, and the rich could still be richer (because “they need that”) than the average “poor guy”, the economy and the money system would collapse because of a galloping inflation and a massive money devaluation (out of a growth [inflation] philosophy), so a loaf of bread would cost maybe a million and would make the poor again (there’s only a limited amount of money in an economy available, [that’s an economic principle], because the amount and value of the currency should correspond to the economic power and value of the capital of a nation respectively the world, otherwise there would occur an uncontrolled galloping inflation or deflation of the currency; simple economical mathematics), so that the poor would posses the value of almost none again at the end of such an inflation, and most of the rich capitalist would be as rich as ever, because they also mostly posses the im/mobile capital.

Actually everything would remain the same, also after a possible currency reform (maybe with the exception, of a possible exchange of some of the rich people)!

So if as a consequence the money/wealth would be redistributed fair, equally and in a constant manner amongst people, regardless of the personal contribution to the workforce, in order to get rid of poverty, than everybody would possess the same amount of money, and it effectively would be worth/useless, because the measurement and exchange function of money for economic, workforce and capital power would disappear, because the money would flow back to the one who spent it, out of constant redistribution regardless of the contribution to the workforce.

So it is useless to thrust out money in large amounts or to redistribute money from the rich to the poor.

Therefore there are existing two possible consequences to maintain the money system:

The money system will be kept as it is at the moment, and money/wealth will be redistributed merely “a little”:

There would still exist an unjust distribution of wealth, dividing the World into classes of rich and poor, and out of it ensuing crimes, maybe revolts and distributional and inequality wars, and finally ecological destruction, derived from a health destroying, performance orientated society, an infinit-growth-on-a-planet-with-finit-ressources economy and a ruthless competitive economic society system, out of a notion of maximum personal gain, no matter what. There will still exist money-, and out of it ensuing, power- and political-elites, which control the world, and of course don’t want to share their money and power, or even distribute it fair and equal, and if they did otherwise, they would lose power and control over people, they would vanish seemingly into insignificance, which would destroy their egos, of which the notion of money and power accumulation derives, getting a “kick” out of accumulating more wealth than somebody really needs for the basic living, and make their lives seemingly ordinary, what they seemingly can’t handle.

That maybe could lead us to the second possibility:

Everybody owns the same amount of money, through constant redistribution of money in a fair and equal manner, regardless of the personal contribution to the workforce, but the money consequentially would lose its original meaning as measurement and exchange tool for workforce, goods and capital, because the money would flow back to the one who spent it, out of constant redistribution regardless of the contribution to the workforce.

That finally leads us to the remaining consequence, following out of the above:

Installing a utopian society, in which we could live without money, the ensuing competitive economic society system, elites, governments, nations, borders and leaders (this concept derives from a notion of divide and conquer for enrichment and status, and an out of it following need for control from small groups, over people, resources, land and energy, because wealth/richness/status can only be obtained by few [see above]), and ensuing crime, violence, discrimination and environment problems.

That would lead us to a society, where you don’t have to enslave yourself for money (an abstract thought concept that was abused), and in which you don’t have to think about money issues, and the with it occurring problems anymore,  and from which an environment destroying growth, ruthless competitive, and a health destroying performance oriented economy and society system derived.

So finally everybody could do/work the thing/job that would most fulfill them and which they love, and for which the person has the most talent and affinity, and everybody could finally work in cooperatives for the best product/service outcome and not in a competition for power and money, which the „planned obsolescence“ of products brought into economy.

Most people probably would only work 3 to 4 hours a day, leaving you more time for meaningful activities, like maybe loving spiritual, energetic, creative, philosophic, scientific, physical and social developement, and so mental hard work would be easier, because of the spiritual principle of tapping into the cosmic mind, and because all the money and burocracy jobs would fall away, and because of the advancing automatisation of hard work, enough (not hard) work for a lot of people would be available, because the amount of time for a job could be shared between more workers, and so everybody could contribute meaningfully to a utopian society, in which everybody could have/own the basic needed things, like housing, car, computer, food, clothing, etc., which could be freely available, because if you love what you do, you need no money to treasure your work!

If everybody would love what they do, then everything could be free of charge!

If a work is too hard or annoying, it could and can be done by robots!

Finally a “democratic world anarchy” (because the „dictatorial parliamentary“ nationalistic concept derives from a notion of divide and conquer for enrichment and status, and an out of it following need for control from small groups, over people, resources, land and energy, because wealth/richness/status can only be obtained by few, see below and above), with the internet as a “law” consensus finding and approving tool, could replace “dictorial parliamentary democracies” (a small, sometimes bigger majority, imposing their will on the whole), and the world could live without the unjust distribution of money, and the with it occurring massive problems, like crimes, revolts, nations, borders, “dictorial parliamentary democracies”, discrimination (out of an ego, status and control notion), ensuing wars and ecological destruction.

That could lead us maybe finally into a peaceful age of spiritual reality and prosperity for everybody and a cosmic collaboration with other cosmic civilizations!

rainbow gathering main circle

Maybe a “democratic anarchistic” world community/society, like in temporary communities at rainbow gatherings of the rainbow family of living light (successors of the hippy movement), a social system, based on discussing and rearranging a “law”, or better a “guidance”, and everybody having the possibility to propose a „guidance“ derived from natural/cosmic/spiritual/divine “rules”, untill everybody of the whole community or at least who’s present at the council, is satisfied with it and approves that “rule” or “guidance”, keeping it as simple as possible (not too many rules) and as close as possible to the source  (similar to archaic society forms where everybody has a say and merely „relys“(!) on the opinion of mentors/authorities) in order to not fall back into spiritless destructive chaos, and without being dependent on “leaders” and “governments” and them imposing their personnel (but also influenced by their „deepstate/influencers“) opinion and „conscience“ on „laws“, is very much better than a “democratic parliamentary dictatorship”, where in the worst case, a, by a little majority elected, parliament/government, which is only dependent on their own „conscience“ and opinion (but also influenced by their „deepstate/influencers“), and in the least case depends on people’s opinions, “dictates”/imposes, with the help of the (sometimes) little majority of the parliament, “laws”, that are obligatory for the whole of the people, and doesn’t represent the will of the whole people, but mostly the will of the government and their „influencers“, sometimes merely only the will of a minority of the people, and oftentimes the will of capitalist lobbyists, this you can actually refer to, as a “democratic dictatorship”.
In this day and age, for larger communities like the earth, the internet could be a good tool for an “anarchistic democratic” consensus process, where everybody could discuss “laws”/”rules”/”guidances”, and everybody having the possibility to propose a „guidance“ derived from natural/cosmic/spiritual/divine “rules”, rearrange them, untill a consensus is found, keeping it as simple as possible (not too many rules) and as close as possible to the source (maybe law scholars as mentors/authorities to assist), in order to not fall back in spiritless destructive chaos, and finally, without the help of “governments” and “leaders” and their capitalist lobbyists, and without them imposing their personal opinion and „conscience“ on these “laws” and on the whole community (earth), the people could approve (vote) for theses “laws” and put them into work, which everybody could be happy with.
Of course there would still exist law enforcement (shanti sena) and „public“ (?) courts.

Democratic Anarchism