A possible proof for infinit „free“ energy

quantum energy generator

Now look at the proposition “Energy neither can be created nor can it be destroyed!”.

What does it mean that energy can’t be created?
Where did it come from?
From Nothingness?
Since it can’t be created but it anyways exists and since nothingness doesn’t seem to exist but infinity/eternity, it should have existed since ever -> infinite energy!
And if it can’t be destroyed, it will exist for ever ->infinite energy -> so it must be infinite, because if you maybe destroy it with a black hole and so turn it into a matter/singularity, the infinite would be destroyed, and one day will turn to nothing/nothingness, that doesn’t seem to exist in itself, so nothingness don’t exist at all but infinity/eternity, on and on it goes!
The snake (infinity) bites itself in the tail again!
(I seen the source of all-and-all in a vision creating new life and multiverses nonstop)

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