Creation and Karma

Questions to ponder/philosophize/meditate about:

Why did the allmighty “create” a Multiverse?

Was there ever a beginning/a big bang of the Multiverse, or did it exist “since ever”, just in different states of being?

What was/became the Karma of all Beings, the Multiverse and of God  , reagrding such a “Creation”?

Is an anthropocentric worldview justified, regarding such questions about the Multiverse, God and its‘ Karma, and regarding such a possible eternity/infinity?

Isn’t it a little bit arrogant from humans, to assume that an anthropocentric philosophy is valid and that they regard themself as so important?

Nothing is normal! A Koan <-> Non Koan !

Nothing is impossible! Koan <-> Non Koan !

Peace and Love!

In the Beginning

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