Telepathy-Thinking of

If you think of somebody, your spirit or your mind might get connected to the spirit or the mind of the person you’re thinking of, and that might lead to the other person thinking of you, or possibly to telepathic communication!

dark infinity

Is the cosmic background radiation/the white noise random?
Could it be used to create random numbers?
Therefor is the nature of the multiverse (interconnectedness principle) random?
Is the existence of the universe random, or does it, due to the holographic principle and the normal distribution, fall into a certain probability?
And the randomness maybe applys to parallel universes or multiverses and some single aspects of the universe?
Normally, due to the stochastic nature of radiation, it should fall into Gauss‘ normal distribution of stochastic with a normal random exception of it.
Could you now somehow compare that to free will and determinism, according to the holographic universe paradigm?
Like a part of your life is determined by the wishes you made before birth (see (resembling Gauss‘ normal distribution) and the other part of your life you can choose free will (resembling randomness within Gauss‘ normal distribution)!