jesus and satan on the mountain

I had a vision of Jesus Christ, when he was tempted by Satan and was led onto a mountain, that this devil actually was a necromancer, that had black magic powers and belonged to a secret society of necromancers, who ruled and still rule the world through black magic powers, and then tempted Jesus with power over the world.

In this day and age, the sorcerers still fight „psychos“, personally with black magic and demons, and with their newest trick, through science, namely psychiatry, because so-called „psychos“ are chosen by/and have gifts from god, which could threaten the necromancers power over the world, and therefore they either try to destroy them, or pull them on their side.

I personally know of a psychiatry university professor who is a member of the freemasons.

traditional food

I think the vegans to be pretentious, argueing that plants are not sentious, when i myself experienced one night in my homevillage in croatia the plants vibrating in a white light, that gave me the impression that they have a soul, and so i concluded they could also be sentient, not in the traditional way of nerves and a brain but in their own special unique way.
So if vegans want to be really politically correct in not hurting living beings, leaves them only the option in being a frutarian.
The other possibility is to eat a ballanced diet, also meat, and keep it like the american indigenous people and give thanks to the living being getting killed and feeding oneself and appollogizing for their lives being lost.