Does „schizophrenia“ exist and some coping strategies for unexpected expanded states of consciousness

Does „schizophrenia“ exist and some coping strategies for unexpected expanded states of consciousness

As far as non-western cultures are considered, there are people existing, who explicitly seek out these expanded states of consciousness, may it be through the ingestion of psychedelic plants, mushrooms or cacti, or may it be through techniques like kundalini yoga or meditation, or devotional practices like praying, fasting, ecstatic dance, bhakti yoga or other methods.
The example of psychedelics lays out, that every human has the possibility to reach such states, and so they can be considered as exceptional but normal and achievable for every human, and don’t needs to be pathologised (see also interconnectedness).
So the gift of expanded consciousness (pathologised by western medicine as „schizophrenia“) that sometimes comes unexpected and not sought out, may need some coping strategies, as to not get lost in these spiritual/alternative realities but to function also in the everyday realm, because the individual maybe didn’t seek it out, but somehow was chosen to have such, and often is unprepared to handle such.

Some possibilities to handle such unexpected states of expanded consciousness:

~First come to ease (sit down and maybe drink a coffee, glass of water or juice or do what fits you most).

Grounding strategies:

-Sex (relaxes [release of excess energy] and connects you with good vibes and the root chakra of the opposite gender [yin – yang exchange -> equilibrium])
-Touch mother earth with your naked feet and skin as naked as possible, let your root chakra, or if you like your root/s through your feet, extend into mother earth, and let the energy flow (spiritual release of excess energy)
-Eat potatoes (contains vitamin B3 that calms down) (root to root).
-CBD-Hemp (see article)
-Beer (relaxes and calms anxiety)
-Valerian root tea (calms down)
-Lemon balm (melissa) tea (calms down)
-Passionflower tea (calms down, calms anxiety, antidepressant)
-Laying down a blanket, looking for shelter maybe in the bed and close all doors and windows and maybe also close the shades

Strengthening strategies:

-Maybe a cigarette
-Avoiding inner cities and greater crowds instead take walks in nature and withdraw from negative social contact
-Positive social contact and talks with loving people
-Meditation (as recommended below)
-Sufficient food, drink and sleep
-A bath (as recommended)
-Find something to do that you really love, and don’t forget your rituals that keep you connected to everyday reality and spirituality
-Eating meat gives your body and your soul strength
-Eating fish gives your heart, mind and soul clarity and strength (see also the benefits of fish oil on your brain and heart)

Resolving crisis situations:

– Possible help on integrating the other world in to ones reality may come through classifying expanded perception and its infos, states of expanded consciousness and its infos, and other information sources (media etc.) into cathegories by thinking about/analyzing/differentiating
-Make a bonfire in a protected area in the night and make music and sing and dance naked around the bonfire and throw bad memories written on paper or things that remind you of bad things in that fire
-Search for a stone that calls you in an erea that calls you too and carry this stone with you around as a connector/“antenna“ between mother earth and the spirit world and you
-And last but not least „My way of Maditation…“ (found on the blog site)

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