black magic

I had a vision of the „top dogs“ of the hierarchy of the black magic power/system. They are maybe three people assembling the top of  the power hierarchy (maybe there’s even one „über top dog“). Their  three-man society has probably no name, but is controlling all the other black magic secret societies, with a top black magic secret society, which has its fingers in the other secret societies. I once owned a book called „Encyclopaedia of secret knowledge“, where lots of them and their structures and rituals etc. were described. You will be chosen for a society, if they see fit, especially if you’re in the money, military, industrial or politics business. But there are also the good light secret societies, which are working for God, and which you can enter, and learn from, like the Rosicrucians or maybe Golden Dawn etc. So if you’re in the money, military, industrial or politics business, you’re prone to get recruited possibly by the freemasons, who seem to be harmless and only for business connection purposes, and are the bottom of the pyramid, but are infiltrated by other black magic societies, from where the real decisions are passed down and indoctrinated into other secret societies and their members. Why do you think they are all secret (!) societies, because they have got something to hide, and that is not reconnaissance, peace and freedom like it was in the 18th and 19th century. I know a little of the admission ritual of the freemasons: They have to swear on the bible regardless of their religion, to never talk about any secrets of their society, and are threatened with death. Symbolically the ritual leader puts a pair of compasses to the novices throat, and says, that it gonna pierce their throats, if they ever talk about their secrets. The different secret societies manipulate their members with black magic, sex, money, giving power and drugs. Their top motto is „Divide and conquer“.
Their members which are top dogs of the society pass the power from money to politics to military, police and courts.

Two examples: