hair loss

First Day: Apply some grinded potatoes on your scalp.

Second Day: Apply some ashes on your scalp.

Third Day: Apply some red onions on your scalp.

Fourth Day: Apply some stinging nettle and Nimtree leaves broth on your hair.

Fifth Day: Apply some cocnut oil on your hair

Drink every day a cup of young beech branch tea, for blood cleansing, and wash your hair before application of medicine with organic medicinal clay soap. Don’t dry with hot air hairdryer air.


If mind = consciousness = spirit and the quanta state without observation from a mind(?) is in a fuzz, and only can be determined when observed, and lets say before creation there was a quantafieldfuzzmatrix and through a quantum inflation created multiverse, there must have been a mind = consciousness = spirit, that somehow observed the first quantum leap of maybe a single quant and out of it following quantum inflation and put it into creation (particle state and energy state), otherwise everything still would be a fuzz (Let there be light), and a quantum leap of maybe a single quant and observing a quant (itself) would be stuck in an infinite (infinity!) loophole, so ther seemed to be a consciousness that was not quanta (according to actual reductionist science quantum inflation came from nothingness (see tract about nothingness).