Utopian civilization

If Teslas work about free infinit energy machines wouldn’t have been destroyed by capitalists (Btw, there are already again constructors and plans for such machines in the world), and by now we would already have duplicators/replicators (in one of my dreams i travelled to a world where dupli/replicators are already full functioning in work, where i saw how such a device replicate a pair of jeans) and superlightspeed space travel and time travel, an utopian money free and out of it following government free and nation free society could already have been installed, and because out of it followin money and destrbutional crimes and wars will be eliminated, where you don’t have to do hard physical work, because everything that needs hard work can be replicated (cloth, food, houses, cars, etc.), but having more time for loving spiritual, energetic, social, creative, physical, scientific and philosophic development, and so mental hard work would be easier because of the spiritual principle of tapping into the cosmic mind.
I am still imagening which black magic capitalist power people have an interest to sabotage such a developemnet, because they are maybe immortals and feed of the energy of slave-wage-workers and in war killed people, to stay alive and be immortals, and such a developent would lead to their deaths (lack of stolen energy) and facing their massive thousands of years old killer karma.


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