Kabbala, Tao and the Mystical

Found some Tao (yin-yang principle [opposites unite – equilibrium – peace]) in a Kabbala interpretation:

„You cannot exceed the borders of thinking,
But standing on the border look across from afar;
And as your eye sees, what it cannot grasp,
So can your higher sense, ramble into the unthinkable.“
(The Kabbala, Erich Bischoff, page 24, 25)

Compare to Tao-Te-King 1.3 – 1.4:

Who is eternally without desire,
will see the inmost secret;
Who eternally is with desire,
will only see the brink.

These two are one and the same.
Their names emerged differently.
Their unification we call mystic.
Mystically and again maystically:
The portal to whatever secret.
(Tao-Te-King 1.3 – 1.4)

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