The Bible and vegetarianism/veganism/fruitarianism

Genesis 1,28 – 29
„God blessed them, and God spoke to them: Be fruitful, and accrete yourselves, populate the earth, subdue it, and rule over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the sky and over all the animal that stir the earth. Then spoke God: Hereby i commit to you all the plants on the whole earth, which bear seeds, and all the trees with seed bearing fruits. They shall serve as food to you.“

Exodus 20,13

„You shall not kill.“

The Genesis quote would somehow refer to vegetariansm, rule over animals and eat plants and fruits. But only looking at the second part of the genesis quote would surely refer to veganism as God gives us plants and fruits that shall serve as food.
But also taking in consideration the Exodus quote you shall not kill (not even animals and plants) would have the conclusion that the Bible recommends a solely fruitarian diet (Garden of Eden -> Indigenous in the Jungle?).

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