Quantum interconectedness, Holographic Universe Paradigm and Spirit/God

If out of quantum interconnectedness (quantum entanglement) and out of it following holographic universe paradigm (everything self reflects/images) and the possible observer at quantum leaqp inflation creation (which couldn’t be of quanta[energy] [but maybe some abstract form of supernatural consciousness] because it observed the first(!) quantum leap at inflation at creation, and an inflating quant observing an inflating quant (itself) would be stuck in an infinite (infinity!) loophole (and according to actual science quantum inflation came from nothingness (see tract about nothingness)), could we see the holographic principle as a fundamental law of the all-and-all, that can also be applied to abstract supernatural consciousness (out of an observer theory and the quantum interconnectedness theory) , so that an abstract supernatural form (maybe not made out of energy [observer theory]) of consciousness (spirit/god) imaged (supernaturally) the abstract spirit information onto the quantum inflating universe?


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