State, Anarchism and the right of free self-fulfillment

brain-growth slef fulfillment

If the state/authorities tell you that a divine given right, like say, growing your own cannabis plants, which is gods created plant, and the constitutional right of free self-fulfillment, which is also a god given right, is not granted. (does the denial/interpretation at will of the constituional right of free self-fulfillment say that the state/authorities see themselves in the tradition of the royal divine given authority, like i learned, that the dark forces counteracted the reconnaissance by fantasizing nationalities and their properties, to prevent a downfall from the dark force mighties monarchy to real democracy but changed it into nationalism).
What does that actually say about the state/authorities and such a  democratic parliamentary state concept?
That it is practically the antichrist.
In a democratic anarchistic society where self-fulfillment is actually naturally implanted, and the golden rule of „what you don’t want to be done onto you, don’t do unto others“ should be the only restriction, then anarchism is more favourable to people than „democratic parliamentary dictatorship“.

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