Always ask questions, either facing the Tao of reality or the Tao of alternate and spiritual realitys or the Tao of infinty, if the enemy questions you or your reality trying to conquer or consume you with twisting of the tao, but you have different knowledge or intuition regarding the tao and the enemy trying to destroy you. Trust yourself and your life experiences as part of the all-and-all/almighty. Facing the enemy and it trying to bring you of off your path, rely on your knowledge and question the enemy back.



Let’s assume there’s realy a meaning behind everything, maybe god exists, maybe god is love and loves us and therfor sent his masters to show us his love?
But why does god love us? Is love the meaning, and if so, who progammed it into god? And why did the programmer itself cared about that, and the programmer of the programmer, etc…..?
Is there a meaning behind love as a meaning? Why do we or god actually care?
Maybe the only meaning is to smoke MJ, so that we get careless and realize that nothing’s actually important and life overvalued?

But what’s the rason for that or the meaning behind all that.
You subscribe a meaning to some things maybe also love, but you don’t know if there’s a meaning behid that alleged meaning.
Nde’ers say the meaning of life and death and all is just pure unconditional love, but why? What’s the rason that it is so?

Is the meaning of all that it has no meaning, is it a yin yang principle and therfor taoism the only realistic philosophy?



I advise everybody who has a spirtual, psychical or physical ailment, to take holy mushrooms or other entheogens together with a shaman/healer/witch, that is from the community s/he stems from acknowledged, and known as a healer in that community, in order to heal such ailments.
In my opinion entheogens are the best way to heal, as they open up to spiritual worlds and so qualify for spiritual healing, and as spirit is seen as  kind of the supervisor of psyches, so they also qualify for psychical healing, and as it is nowadays common knowledge, that mind is over matter also qualify for physical healing.

If you don’t have access to or don’t know where to look for such shamans you could maybe contact a „regular“ ( without entheogens) spiritual healer, that you can find through the search function on the site i post below.
The site specializes on german, austrian and swiss healers but has also a search function for a world wide search of spiritual healers.
Site is available in multiple languages.

Spiritual healer search site

mountain-Gift of God

I personally know shamans/healers/witches who see and hear otherwordly stuff like God/Angels/Spirits/etc. and with the help of it heal sick persons.
Also my Angels/Spirits told me that having visions and hearing voices is a gift from God.
So how come in the western world such gifts were pathologized as sicknessess?
Was it because of the churches witchhunt in fear of black magic and the lack of better explanations of unexplainable catastrophes/accidents , though also prophets had the gift of seeing and hearing, and in the following the witches and the like started hiding and couldn’t inherit their wisdom openly, and fewer people could be recruited, and such wisdom also got forgotten by the majority, and through a rigid church and their interpetation of creed, and in the following age of science, through the loss of that (witches) wisdom and the lack of better explanations, and because of that a loss of spirituality occured, science started to pathologize such states as madness, especially since some of the fellas had some kind of psychological strain, and these fellas had not the wisdom of the witches how to handle such states of consciousness.
Now in the vicinity of a pardigm change, because of the findings of quantum physics and through reemerging spirituality, and reacknowledging millenia old wisdom, this pathologizing could or better should come to an end.


Are we reincarnated from heavens onto earth, in order to learn detachement from desires, such as earthly experiences as well as heavenly pleasures and hellish sufferings?
Because to learn detachement in heaven from heavenly pleasure is more difficult, since there is no actual suffering under the influence of gods unconditional love, but on earth through suffering, also from earthly pleasures themselves, it is supposed to be a more easy approach to learn detachment, because of the suffering and its teachings.
The easiest detachement is of course of hellish sufferings!
Why we have to learn to detache from heavenly pleasures, and earhtly experiences, or hellish sufferings etc.?
If the highest goal is to unite with god/the all-and-all, we should also learn to detache also from heavenly pleasures, earthly experiences, hellish sufferings, as well as other means of existance, as god is all, and in all, and therfor also experiencing suffering of its beings, therefore it is also the material part of the all-and-all, and so it should also be experienced, to learn unconditional love to all-andall, and because earthly pleasures are connected with suffering, we therefor should detach from earthly experiences and also detach from heavenly pleasures, hellish sufferings, as well as other means of existance, in order to unite with god/the all-and-all, and unite with the existance of everything, so that we don’t cling to special experiences of the all-an-all in the unification with ALL, which is not only spiritual, but also material, and who knows what else, but can experience the unification with the complete full experience of everything at once.

My two cents.



qualification-Influencing Force

People who are not influencable, can’t follow the path, because they seem to be at the end of wits, like stones, but that is impossible because even the universe/the all-and-all and according to nde’ers even god is not static but in a selfregulating, selfreflecting and influencable prone to change motion. Everything is connected to everything thus influencing each other even if it is just sublime. (Even stones can be grinded by water!)

Most important question in this context of course is what or who or of what structure is such a force made, that even the allmighty or the all-and-all is prone to alteration from it. Does it come from outside an all-and-all system, from an even higher place then everything possible and impossible existing, from a system that has actually no outside, because it is infinite, or is such a changing force a natural thing implemented into the all-and-all, and so is some kind of natural law, and has to be seen as part of the all-and-all, and so also prone to natural laws or possible change?


idea-Hard work

Is the statement „If you want to achieve something you have to work realy hard!“ overemphsized/overvalued?
Maybe it is easy to avoid hard mental work, by just plugging into the cosmic mind, where the all-an-all info is stored, and receiving your informations from there, without breaking your head.
Or maybe it would be easy to avoid hard physical work, in order to support your physical survival, if if we could like jesus make miracles and multiply our „fish“. (Or simply just build a dupli/replicator).
Or is the path to such a state of grace also hard work, like maybe following your angels guidance, and with it occuring fearful situations that you must overcome?
Or will you never be led into difficult situations by your angels?
Or a bad example like black magicians do black magic, in order to manipulate people so they can accumulate wealth.
Does that also require hard work or is such the broad easy path to condemnation that jesus spoke of?


mortality-book of life

Mormons told me that also the fall from grace in the garden of eden is within gods plan, because god knew himself and his children being nosy and not able to withstand the temptation and his command not to eat the fruit of knowledge.

Spiritualists go as far as that god (secretly) wants us to evolve to the point of becoming like god and unite with it, that’s why god sent masters like jesus buddhs etc. you name it.

I know that god can make massive jokes, and maybe some things in the bible, like maybe the garden eden story are some kind of harsh jokes on mankind, maybe also the following.

If you interpret the lines from johns revelation right:

„And their Seducer, The Devil, was cast into The Lake of Fire and Brimstone where The Beast and The False Prophet are, and they shall be tormented day and night for the eternity of eternities.“

(Revelation 20:10)

What does that mean, burning for the eternity of eternities?

It actually means they have always been (from eternity) and always will be (to eternity) in the firy pit, that means that them always were there and never were somewhere else, including heaven and earth and the multiverse.

And also if they never been written in the book of life(!), does that maybe, just maybe, mean, they actually never lived at all.


Some spiritualist, maybe even some buddhists, but at least most of the nde’ers, claim, that thoughts manifest in one form or the other, but mostly in enrgies or other manifestations of energy (vibrations).
An analogy in science would be that thoughts are quantastates of nerve quanta and can be a waveform (energy), and thus have, through quantum entanglement or electromagnetic induction, an influence on the world and on other people

That is also why a lot of the newage and spiritual and budhist etc. people recommend a mindfulnes meditation, in order to control oneselfs thoughts, and make the world a better place, by not influencing it with negative thoughts.
Maybe we should influence it with positive thoughts, and out of it following positive actions.

buddhist-Excourse in enlightenment

Baba Ram Dass says that enlightenment takes time and probably wont come in one lifetime.

But is the higher self not already enlightened?
Then what’s the use of the (normal) self itself, or the lower self (subconsciousness?)
Maybe it’s like Douglas Adams said in one of his books that enlightenment is useless, because if somebeody groks the meaning of the all-and-all, that it instantly changes its meaning and has then a completely new meaning?
So is the search for enlightenment meaningless and futile?
Maybe we should just all sit on the porch and love each other?

But Tibetan buddhists say that the basis for enlightenment and madness is the same.

So does it really matter if you’re enlightened or not?

Me thinks George Carlin once said „question everything“.
Is that valid, regarding questioning ones own existance?
Is my gut feeling right or should i question it.
Did buddha question his own existence and therefor came to the conclusion everythings a void?
But another translational meaning of nirvana is simply „love“. Are the nothingnes scholars right? Or is buddha similar to jesus regarding unconditional love as the highest and goal of all struggling?
Maybe i should continue with satanists, their highest goal is power over people.
If i was a little simpleminded one could say they are the opposite to jesus = love, therefor favouring hate (though they also claim that satan is love).
If there would be a cult favouring hate, would that also be a valid world view, since there’s no proof for any worldview, and everything’s prone to questioning?

Is enlightenment the only worthwhile revolution that occurs, entirely, within onseself?

Okay, then in hinduism, if you’re enlightened, you sit as an smiling and not anymore talking saddhu on the streets of mumbai, and are fed by the bypassers, who still struggle with fascist democratic parliamentarism or the like, similar to buddhism or other spiritual traditions.
Okay, you are enlightened and one with the all-and-all, because you see that all is maya, and that all struggling is also a form of joy and love, and you experience everything, also the suffering of other beings, but you can’t talk anymore, because how can you transport such information/experiences that are beyond words with words, and so can’t start a revolution for other beings to reach such a state.
Then what is such a state worth, if you’re the only one who is in it, and could do it just for your self?
Isn’t that ego and therefore the opposit to enlightenment?
But if this guy could start a revolution, so that everybody would be sitting smiling enlightend on the streets, who would feed them?
Would they feed of astral light energy and the world would finally be saved?


If god created us in its own image, isn’t it futile to become like god or enlightened ?
Aren’t we, because of the interpration of that story, already like god and like god enlightened?
Should we actualy realy continue struggling for goals or anything like a path or higher consciousness?
Is life just a cosmic joke, and we should just like now stop with all the shit we do everyday, thinking it has a purpose?
I’d like to have a beer right now but have no money!
Is that the meaning of life?

If a buddhist groks the all-and-all and sees through maya, he realizes that everything’s just a void, if a hinduist does the same, he realizes everything is god dancing with its self, nature people may say, everythings spirited and alive, taoists may say that everything’s the way or similar.
Did they realy grok the all-an-all and saw through maya, since their findings are so different, or is there a reality / truth that’s beyond their insights and beyond words.
Or is that maya too?
Will we know the truth, if we unite with yehova/brahma/tao/nirvana/the all-and-all/whatever?
Or does there even come more or less?