Make me One with Everything – Buddhist/Total Detachement

Are we reincarnated from heavens onto earth, in order to learn detachement from desires, such as earthly experiences as well as heavenly pleasures and hellish sufferings?
Because to learn detachement in heaven from heavenly pleasure is more difficult, since there is no actual suffering under the influence of gods unconditional love, but on earth through suffering, also from earthly pleasures themselves, it is supposed to be a more easy approach to learn detachment, because of the suffering and its teachings.
The easiest detachement is of course of hellish sufferings!
Why we have to learn to detache from heavenly pleasures, and earhtly experiences, or hellish sufferings etc.?
If the highest goal is to unite with god/the all-and-all, we should also learn to detache also from heavenly pleasures, earthly experiences, hellish sufferings, as well as other means of existance, as god is all, and in all, and therfor also experiencing suffering of its beings, therefore it is also the material part of the all-and-all, and so it should also be experienced, to learn unconditional love to all-andall, and because earthly pleasures are connected with suffering, we therefor should detach from earthly experiences and also detach from heavenly pleasures, hellish sufferings, as well as other means of existance, in order to unite with god/the all-and-all, and unite with the existance of everything, so that we don’t cling to special experiences of the all-an-all in the unification with ALL, which is not only spiritual, but also material, and who knows what else, but can experience the unification with the complete full experience of everything at once.

My two cents.



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