Canceled out Karma

Someone on UseNet explained to me that there actually exist no Karma at all, neither for the single person, and in that sense also not for God that we are, nor for the holistic concept of the all-and-all, because the all-and-all is a self regulating system and in that sense balances all its Karmas out and so cancels them out amongst each others. That means the all-and-all and therefor the in it contained elements like humans actually are Karma free.
Maybe like Hitler starting WWII, that lead to the atomic bomb, that lead to the craetion of ARPA-Net, that lead to Internet and so to humans having access to massive amounts of info and non-info and the possibilty of worldwidely discussion and a mutual fecundation of minds, consciousnesses and „souls“, resulting in a maybe worldwide revolution, or maybe an evolvement of humankind, stepping the ladder of evolution, or some kind of massive enlightenment of humankind.

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