Excourse in enlightenment

Baba Ram Dass says that enlightenment takes time and probably wont come in one lifetime.

But is the higher self not already enlightened?
Then what’s the use of the (normal) self itself, or the lower self (subconsciousness?)
Maybe it’s like Douglas Adams said in one of his books that enlightenment is useless, because if somebeody groks the meaning of the all-and-all, that it instantly changes its meaning and has then a completely new meaning?
So is the search for enlightenment meaningless and futile?
Maybe we should just all sit on the porch and love each other?

But Tibetan buddhists say that the basis for enlightenment and madness is the same.

So does it really matter if you’re enlightened or not?

Me thinks George Carlin once said „question everything“.
Is that valid, regarding questioning ones own existance?
Is my gut feeling right or should i question it.
Did buddha question his own existence and therefor came to the conclusion everythings a void?
But another translational meaning of nirvana is simply „love“. Are the nothingnes scholars right? Or is buddha similar to jesus regarding unconditional love as the highest and goal of all struggling?
Maybe i should continue with satanists, their highest goal is power over people.
If i was a little simpleminded one could say they are the opposite to jesus = love, therefor favouring hate (though they also claim that satan is love).
If there would be a cult favouring hate, would that also be a valid world view, since there’s no proof for any worldview, and everything’s prone to questioning?

Is enlightenment the only worthwhile revolution that occurs, entirely, within onseself?

Okay, then in hinduism, if you’re enlightened, you sit as an smiling and not anymore talking saddhu on the streets of mumbai, and are fed by the bypassers, who still struggle with fascist democratic parliamentarism or the like, similar to buddhism or other spiritual traditions.
Okay, you are enlightened and one with the all-and-all, because you see that all is maya, and that all struggling is also a form of joy and love, and you experience everything, also the suffering of other beings, but you can’t talk anymore, because how can you transport such information/experiences that are beyond words with words, and so can’t start a revolution for other beings to reach such a state.
Then what is such a state worth, if you’re the only one who is in it, and could do it just for your self?
Isn’t that ego and therefore the opposit to enlightenment?
But if this guy could start a revolution, so that everybody would be sitting smiling enlightend on the streets, who would feed them?
Would they feed of astral light energy and the world would finally be saved?


If god created us in its own image, isn’t it futile to become like god or enlightened ?
Aren’t we, because of the interpration of that story, already like god and like god enlightened?
Should we actualy realy continue struggling for goals or anything like a path or higher consciousness?
Is life just a cosmic joke, and we should just like now stop with all the shit we do everyday, thinking it has a purpose?
I’d like to have a beer right now but have no money!
Is that the meaning of life?

If a buddhist groks the all-and-all and sees through maya, he realizes that everything’s just a void, if a hinduist does the same, he realizes everything is god dancing with its self, nature people may say, everythings spirited and alive, taoists may say that everything’s the way or similar.
Did they realy grok the all-an-all and saw through maya, since their findings are so different, or is there a reality / truth that’s beyond their insights and beyond words.
Or is that maya too?
Will we know the truth, if we unite with yehova/brahma/tao/nirvana/the all-and-all/whatever?
Or does there even come more or less?



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