I despise the concept of democratic parliamentary government as being not the best possible society system, which shows its failures especially at the moment when minorities like racists becoming a major part of discussion space in the public and imposing their views and the outcome of such on the majority through politicians and their following decisisons, now we must unfortunately even acknowledge the ideas of racist minorities even if they are not valid or violent, because of the weakness of politicians. That special example shows that actually the politicians are mostly only dependent on their own personel view, consciousnes and the ones they represent or not, and only part of the will of the people is represented ant that will of part of the people is imposed on the whole of the people, which i call some kind of fascism or maybe fascistoid.
There’s only one solution to such a problem, namely anarchism and geting rid if governments and parliamentary systems and them imposing their own or the will of few ont the whole, but instead maybe everybody discussing (in special internet forums) laws until everybody is content with the outcome and installing such „universal“ laws for the whole earth community.


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