Hard work

idea-Hard work

Is the statement „If you want to achieve something you have to work realy hard!“ overemphsized/overvalued?
Maybe it is easy to avoid hard mental work, by just plugging into the cosmic mind, where the all-an-all info is stored, and receiving your informations from there, without breaking your head.
Or maybe it would be easy to avoid hard physical work, in order to support your physical survival, if if we could like jesus make miracles and multiply our „fish“. (Or simply just build a dupli/replicator).
Or is the path to such a state of grace also hard work, like maybe following your angels guidance, and with it occuring fearful situations that you must overcome?
Or will you never be led into difficult situations by your angels?
Or a bad example like black magicians do black magic, in order to manipulate people so they can accumulate wealth.
Does that also require hard work or is such the broad easy path to condemnation that jesus spoke of?


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