Musings on the Influencing Force

People who are not influencable, can’t follow the path, because they seem to be at the end of wits, like stones, but that is impossible because even the universe/the all-and-all and according to nde’ers even god is not static but in a selfregulating, selfreflecting and influencable prone to change motion. Everything is connected to everything thus influencing each other even if it is just sublime. (Even stones can be grinded by water!)

Most important question in this context of course is what or who or of what structure is such a force made, that even the allmighty or the all-and-all is prone to alteration from it. Does it come from outside an all-and-all system, from an even higher place then everything possible and impossible existing, from a system that has actually no outside, because it is infinite, or is such a changing force a natural thing implemented into the all-and-all, and so is some kind of natural law, and has to be seen as part of the all-and-all, and so also prone to natural laws or possible change?


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