Money or else

I despise the concept of money and its importance to trade and humanity!
Maybe we all should just gift each other the things that the other needs, like the american indigenous gifting the poor, unable-to-self-support members of the community, the things that they needed.
This concept has also a counterpart in modern western societies, namely welfare system, where we actually gift people the basic necessities in form of money to the needy.
If we could expand such concept to all people, without the necessity of money, if people could work a job for free, because something you love doesn’t need to be treasured with money , because someone may be in the need of, and not possible to self-support, a special thing, and gift all things to everybody, we could achieve a moneyfree and moneycriemfree society.
Like in that analogy, when two men met each other, each having a dollar and exchanging them, both had only one dollar, but when two men met each having an idea and exchanging said ideas both had two ideas. Or when two men meat exchanging love, it kind of possibly could alter each other exponatialy.

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