I advise everybody who has a spirtual, psychical or physical ailment, to take holy mushrooms or other entheogens together with a shaman/healer/witch, that is from the community s/he stems from acknowledged, and known as a healer in that community, in order to heal such ailments.
In my opinion entheogens are the best way to heal, as they open up to spiritual worlds and so qualify for spiritual healing, and as spirit is seen as  kind of the supervisor of psyches, so they also qualify for psychical healing, and as it is nowadays common knowledge, that mind is over matter also qualify for physical healing.

If you don’t have access to or don’t know where to look for such shamans you could maybe contact a “regular” ( without entheogens) spiritual healer, that you can find through the search function on the site i post below.
The site specializes on german, austrian and swiss healers but has also a search function for a world wide search of spiritual healers.
Site is available in multiple languages.

Spiritual healer search site

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