pregnant_elf_Women and God

Do women have a special and greater connection then men to  the spirit world and so to the allmighty, because of their uterus and the property to give birth to children.
Maybe if they conceive children and give birth, they somehow should have a connection to the other side, or a channel to the above, because they not only receive the body of the child but also especially the soul!

quantum-computing Quantum Mathematics

The quantum computer at Einstein-Bohse-condensat temperatures knows three states (like the three corners/sides of the western „eye of god“), yes, no and maybe. So the computermaths should maybe be reorganized in being -1 = no, +1 = yes and 0 = maybe. And according to the Huichol „eye of God“ containg 4 corners and sides, maybe a forth state of info should be introduced (maybe found in cooling the Einstein-Bohse-condensat even further down?) , maybe, „unknown“, resembling a vector of abstract maths.

My two cents, for what it’s worth!

Robi „Angellovechildlikesoul“ Smrdelj (Rainbowdragon)

God, atheism, morality and the survival instinct

Ok, let’s go before hominids, let’s say apes. They probably created a simple „moral“ system of not injuring each other, because injuring damages the body and is not beneficial for the herd as a connected collective regarding survival, which depend on the health of each others, and that damage is registered as nerve impulses that create a painful feeling in the brain. It’s registered as a negative feeling that hinders survival but what or who or why do we have that instinct for survival (from) .

There’s no logical reason for the survival instinct and a fear of death, if one dies from natural cause!

Maybe we should go back further and look at hungerpain as a survival pusher, let’s say amoebae or one-cellers.

Did they feel pain when not enough food was around? Why should anyone strive for survival other than pain, and if hungerpain pushed for survival and the fear of death, why did apes fear death, since then probably nobody knew what comes after death.

Did they realize observing their dead relatives that after death there’s maybe nothing left?

Did they strive for immortality, though they also observed death from old age.

Where they irrational?

Did the amoebae realize there’s maybe nothing after death, and if there wasn’t anything after death, why should they long for survival, joy of living ? ego?

What programmed a joy for living in us?

Positive feelings of the amoebae of getting nutritions?


There comes again the question of the survival into the game, etc.!

Where’s the logical reason for simple creatures for a survival instinct?

Maybe logic is a fallacy, but if it is correct, what or who tells us that it is of reality?


Maybe the survival instinct derives from the notion of a not fulfilled heavenly mission (compare to stories in ), and the urge to fulfill said mission?


Is everything maya, including enlightenment, the all mighty, love, suffering, etc., or is everything real, or is it both, so that tao is real or is that also just maya. So what is actually important? life? love? the little things? Or are they also just overvalued? Am i now just seeking/craving for attention? Should i kill myself? Does it actually matter what you do?
Is the now/the moment important, since maybe the memebers of your favourite band will decease one day ,and in the next life don’t come back? Is it programmed by the allmighty/the universe into us to enjoy the positive and discard the negative? What would be if the negative would be the desirable?
Maybe shiva can fock me in the ass to get enlightened?
I’m probably just seeking for attention and am self indulgent.
Waitin‘ for the man/godot that would bring me some dr feel good but never comes!?
My angels say they love me any which way.
Baba Ram Dass says that enlightenment takes time and probably wont come in one lifetime. Is that a bullshit attitude by baba?
Maybe it’s not over yet?
Is the higher self already enlightened?
Then what’s the use of the self itself or the lower self (subconsciousness?)?
Maybe it’s like Douglas Adams said in one of his books that enlightenment is useless, because if somebeody groks the meaning of the all-and-all, that it instantly changes its meaning and has then a completely new meaning? So is the search for enlightenment meaningless and futile?
Maybe we just all sit on the porch and love each other?

Tibetan buddhists say that the basis for enlightenment and madness is the same.

Forgive, forget and allow!


Perfection and Imperfection

If we never could reach an ultimate high state of being, including its absolute perfection, because you can always head for higher states of being (see concept of infinity) and more perfection.
Are we therefore all already perfect per se, because we are all part of the all-and-all, and is the all-and-all perfect in itself, because it includes the “perfection” as well as the “imperfection”, and of course us perfect/imperfect people (lovepeople, animalpeople, humanpeople, angelpeople, stone/earthpeople, fire/water/airpeople, plantpeople, bacteriapeople, viruspeople, etc…..). ❤

Psychiatric Imperialism

One can suffer from all kinds of things, e.g. TV addiction, lack of love, or too much love (clinging) etc. PP, the suffering does not necessarily have to be coupled to extraordinary states of consciousness, and therefor should not be pathologized as illnesses of the psyche but none the less as illnesses of modern western society.
On the other hand in many cultures extraordinary perceptions and states of consciousness are regarded as gifts of a higher power, and thus also regarded of this society as extraordinary, but not as pathological, but of another realm of reality and beneficial for the wellbeing of the society. Only in the West which is strongly marked by (quack)science and a loss of a connection to a supernatural higher power, such states are pathologized, also because of the suffering pressures of some. Such a pressure of suffering is owed to the fact that the people of the West have forgotten to deal with such gifts. Some „Psychos“ also intuitively recognize such states of consciousness and perception as part of reality and are often therefor not complient and refuse to take „meds“. It is also a pity that Western psychiatrists now believe that they have to „spread“ their „wisdom“ in other cultural circles too!
I call that psychiatric imperialism.
The theory of extraordinary states of consciousness perceiving alternate realities, one can explain that now also with the help of science, namely quantum physics.
What do you think?