Psychiatric Imperialism

One can suffer from all kind of things, e.g. TV addiction, lack of love, or too much love (clinging) etc. PP, it does not necessarily have to be coupled to extraordinary states of consciousness, and therefore it is not to pathologize as an illness.
In many cultures such extraordinary perceptions and states of consciousness are regarded as gifts of a higher power, and thus also regarded of this society as extraordinary, but not as pathological, but of another realm of reality. Only in the West which is strongly marked by (quack)science and a loss of a connection to a supernatural higher power, such states are pathologized, also because of the suffering pressures of some. Such a pressure of suffering is owed to the fact that the people of the West have forgotten to deal with such gifts. Some „Psychos“ also intuitively recognize such states of consciousness and perception as part of reality and are often therefor not complient and refuse to take „meds“. It is also a pity that Western psychiatrists now believe that they have to „spread“ their „wisdom“ in other cultural circles too!
I call that psychiatric imperialism.
The theory of extraordinary states of consciousness perceiving alternate realities, one can explain that now also with the help of science, see quantum physics.
What do you think?

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