God, atheism, morality and the survival instinct (an atheist viewpoint)

Ok, let’s go before hominids, let’s say apes. They probably created a simple „moral“ system of not injuring each other, because injuring damages the body and is not beneficial for the herd as a connected collective regarding survival, which depend on the health of each others, and that damage is registered as nerve impulses that create a painful feeling in the brain. It’s registered as a negative feeling that hinders survival but what or who or why do we have that instinct for survival (from) .

There’s no logical reason for the survival instinct and a fear of death, if one dies from natural cause!

Maybe we should go back further and look at hungerpain as a survival pusher, let’s say amoebae or one-cellers.

Did they feel pain when not enough food was around? Why should anyone strive for survival other than pain, and if hungerpain pushed for survival and the fear of death, why did apes fear death, since then probably nobody knew what comes after death.

Did they realize observing their dead relatives that after death there’s maybe nothing left?

Did they strive for immortality, though they also observed death from old age.

Where they irrational?

Did the amoebae realize there’s maybe nothing after death, and if there wasn’t anything after death, why should they long for survival, joy of living ? ego?

What programmed a joy for living in us?

Positive feelings of the amoebae of getting nutritions?


There comes again the question of the survival into the game, etc.!

Where’s the logical reason for simple creatures for a survival instinct?

Maybe logic is a fallacy, but if it is correct, what or who tells us that it is of reality?


Maybe the survival instinct derives from the notion of a not fulfilled heavenly mission (compare to stories in http://www.near-death.com ), and the urge to fulfill said mission?

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