To converse with the spirit realm

spirit realm

Meet everybody if possible on the same „Augenhöhe“ (meet everybody, may it be the president, the janitor, the spirit, or the deamon with the same attitude/respect if possible), therefore you’ll get respect from the spirits/deamons/angels etc. and help the fallen spirits be better and reach heavenly realms out of earthly/hellish realms.
Acknowledge the voices, but don’t pay too much attention to them if they’re evil, but you should acknowledge that as perfectly normal!
The spirits can look beautiful in their blackness as well as scary and can be childspirits, sometimes also golden light angels, and white light angels, and sometimes even the human form of the allmighty!
The angels can choose their size according to their task from gigantic to realy tiny, and are of golden light or whight light mostly takeing the shape of women (sometiems with wings) or child angels.
Don’t feel overwhelmed or surprised just acknoledge them as present and being a part of your life!
You should acknowledge the Infos from the other side from good spirits as valid!
The spirits that you can see, seldomly talk to you , but have a telpathic connection, where „You Know“ what they want from you, and you maybe can fullfil their wish if it is not a danger to you or to others, you can also communicate in the form of energy feelings/vibes of love or sadness.
Sometimes a simple wish of spirits is that  you simply eat something, and that  is because the spirits eat „through“ you, to just fulfill their  earthly pleasures!
The enemies, though, maybe are spirits/deamos that serve the enemy (black magic societies) or astral bodies of sorceres of these societies, which fight „psychos“ because of their gifts, and these gifts being able to destroy the the power structures of such black magic societies, which hold up the current „Society system“.
Withstand the attacks of such societies and their sorcerers and deamons, so that the bad voices or spirits let you be.
The dark side also took hold of psychiatry and its biomedical paradigm, and a lot of „psychos“ buy into it, because their first „help“ was from psychiatry!
Try to withstand psychiatry and their pseudo wisdom!
The most important thing with bad voices is, first try to not let „it get near you“ so that it doesn’t hurt your heart/soul, and lead you into selfdestruction.
The second thing is to take up conversations with the voices, and try to find out their intent, and maybe help them get to the light!
To not let „it get near you“, i recommend meditation, so that you can look on a situation „from afar“, secondly ask them if they want to turn to the good side, and if so, you can let them into your home and near you, but if they don’t want to behave, tell them to leave your house and yourself, and if they still don’t obey, and still attack you you can ask your personal guardian angel for help to get rid of them!
Everybody has at least one personal guardian angel!
They are high spirit guides working to help us, to elevate, to protect, heal and to love us!
They help with meditation (guidance through spirit / astral realms), and with love, healing and protection!
One way of calling your angel is, by saying a prayer and making the cross symbol (catholic ritual [to make a cross sign from head to belly and the shoulders with your hand]).

We could call ourselves psychic (ordinary psychics [new agers or whatever] have an arrogant stance towards us „psychos“ and think we must get „healed“, that’s why we don’t identify wit them/that), bu with calling us „psychos“ coming from psychosis, we also embrace the struggle and torture of psychiatry, being a part of our lifes!
And we are proud (Mad Pride) of that and
that we survived it!


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