Feeding of Gods Love-Light

I heard of a woman, who doesn’t eat and drink anymore, and she seems to feed of Gods love-light.
According to some experienced fasting people, after some weeks of experienced proper fasting, you are not hungry anymore and don’t lose any weight anymore.
So if you would keep up fasting beyond such a point and do it till the end of life, do one then feed of love-light, maybe like plants feed of sunlight?
In the book „Celestine Prophecies“ there’s a meditation technique revealed, where two people keep on loving each other unconditionally, until where they raise their vibration by loving each other to the point of becoming love-light themselves, does that implicate that (Gods) love-light (in my encounter with God i saw, that it put its love-light into everybody/thing, and due to karma exists in different vibration levels) is the most important, and that you can feed of that and become love-light yourself, or by loving each other, enter different states of consciousness and being (evolution to love-light beings [agape angels])?)

My two cents,


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