Before the Beginning of All Times and Creation (Suffering)

jesus lucifer

Is the lore of Lucifer (He was so arrogant that he put himself above god) and the other (his followers) fallen angels in connection with the „Fall from Grace“ lore of the Bible, not literally but in a figurative sense, somehow true, and that before the beginning of all times and creation, there was maybe a totally blissful and exclusively spiritual reality/existance, where none of the spiritual beings had to suffer, but the tree of knowledge (a metaphor for) god’s possibility of evil and suffering stood there, to show the possibility and to remind the angels how it could be if they bit from the fruit, and god knowing the angels being part of god could not withstand, and so also seeking for selfenlightenment about its weakness regarding its infinit/eternal properties, and Lucifer did something so unbelievable evil (metaphor (so that we don’t get scared too much) of biting the fruit), that it culminated in such massive pain for all involved parties, that god had to create multiverses in a violent outburst (metaphor of giving birth in pain), and incarnating humans and other beings and allowing for evil and suffering, so that they subconsciously always remember the downfall, and making the beings learn that love and non-suffering shouldn’t be abused, and in that connection god getting enlightened about itself?

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