Targetting, Voice/Vision to Skull (V2K), Keys to Parallel Dimensions


I always surmised, that my (former) psychiatrists had something to do with me getting a „psychosis“, whenever i announced to them, that i wanted to stop the „medication“.
Today i went for a pill refill to my actual psychiatrist and disclosed to her that i reduced my dosage and want to stop the „medication“ completely.
Nothing important happened shortly after i left her office. But while i was riding home on the bus, the bus stopped at a halt at a nuclear power plant construction company (areva), whence suddenly opened up a portal to a parallel dimension, to a me thinks mostly energetic dimension. I heard the voices of my angels speak, and also saw the spirit (astral body, higher self of the psychiatrist), to the spirit of the psychiatrist: „Miss doctor please don’t play with that“, whence i saw her spirit use something like a crystal like object. I rode on and noticed a guy that stepped in the bus at „areva“, and a thought came to my mind: „That’s a cop“. I watched the guy a long time while the other dimension was still open, when i realised that the guy had something to do with opening the portal, because later, while staring at the guy, i could see him getting uncomfortable and the other dimension slowly disappeared, and the portal ended when he stepped out of the bus at „siemens gerätewerk“ (an electronics company).
Then i „Knew“ that this guy had some kind of device, that was a help for my psychiatrist opening that portal, and now i know that he was a „psycho cop“ controlling the „psychos“ to use their fatal „medicine“, because we are a threat to the status quo of the system!
Maybe she called him on the phone, or they had some telepathic contact, but now i know the technology for V2K and similar things is available, either invented, or stolen from shot down alien spaceships, or traded with aliens.
They have also the technology for the psychological and physical wellbeing and other aspects of your body and the reality outside your body. So they don’t need to do black magic anymore but can manipulate the reality of you and around you with technology!
Be careful out there peeps!


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