Excourse in Gnostic(ism) (Insights)


(It was not religion that pushed me into gnosticism but the hippiculture.)

I think that all religions have at least (one or more) some kind of truths in them because they are all inspired by the Almighty and the fact that every religion claims ‚transcendent‘ experiences. It’s part and parcel of the voodoo that they peddle, deriving from („crazy“) prophets and saints having such gnostic/transcendental experiences/revelations of/from God.
And because people having some kind of intuition for truths, the religions came to prosper, but the Almighty, like creating different religions for different cultural contexts, since they are different but self-reflecting out of a holographic multiverse principle, and god creating us in its own image, and like the Hindus say god is everything and wants to maybe experience everything, and reincarnates into different aspects of itself (different races, beings like plants and animals) (trying to get enlightened or not).

And no, god for sure isn’t realistic. If you would know the other side or the tao, it can also be totally irrational, abstract, crazy, supernatural („Dreaming permits each and every one of us, to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives.“ William C. Dement)

That is being of the holographic self-imaging principle, God also reincarnating as crazy people and enlightened saints (Jesus) (Tibetan Buddhists say that the basis for enlightenment and madness is the same, and some sources depict prophets and saints as being totally nuts), Hindus say god is in an eternal dance with itself to get enlightened about itself but on the other hand don’t want to get enlightened about itself, according to the yin, yang Tao principle (Isaiah 45:7 “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.” (and I know bc of my own experiences with God because enlightenment could destroy Brahma the dark dreamer god)).

So at least in this multiversal reality god is actually the yin, yang, tao principle (darkness light etc) (see gnosis, the jealous creator god, that was conceived out of light and darkness), maybe that (Tao) being even the ultimate reality, but who knows what the almighty all-and-all principle has in store (like unfathomable other multiversal realities we can’t even imagine) (I dreamt of other realities/universes, so it is also possible that we actually know really tiny bit about the all-and-all, like Isaac Newton said: what we know is just a drop of the ocean, that we don’t know)

But I take refuge in the fact, that God sent us his masters, and them being a signpost to enlightenment/salvation/freedom/and finally eternal peace and healing and that there might be an afterlife of peaceful unconditional bliss love.

I can even respect demons, since God created everything, and in my vision of God, I know that he put his light into everyone/thing, but is also the darkness (Isaiah 45:7 “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.”), but sometimes it is even too far out for me (see below and above)

Actually, when I met god it didn’t introduce itself with a name (sometimes I think it is the unnameable fathomless) but I call him/her/it the love-light dear good god.

It is also always a definition of supernatural, though Christianity knows of that, but seems to see it as natural, though I call Jesus walking on the water supernatural happening.

And there’s no gnostic thinking only gnostic being (like experiencing God, gnostic, translated meaning „‚Knowing‘ of God“) because the gnostic scriptures (Nag Hamadi library) derive from Jesus and his disciples having nde’s or other divine experiences/revelations (the supernatural).

Some keep hammering away at dropping one’s personal storyline and that including everything like one’s predisposition to either love or hate or anything else that keeps bolstering one’s voluntary addictions to safety/security/survival.
Goswami Kriyananda once said that even compassion must be dropped, and Nisargadatta Maharaj once said to reject absolutely everything including your consciousness. Every experience that one clings to, no matter what it entails, adds to the security addictions of the temporary human dynamic and should be set aside in order to see what is prior to the human aspect.

All fine and good I say, but the initial problem is that we are seemingly incarnated into a physical body, though some philosophical thought experiments give other perspectives, and with that comes pain, and love, and hate, and joy, and bliss (etc.), and the principle that programmed that into us for some reason, only the principle knows why and has maybe a reason to do so.
Now if we drop off all that (= total detachment), then the ultimate consequence could only be suicide, or maybe the total nothingness, though the programme somehow has also the function of fear of death/suicide and of total nothingness/annihilation (survival instinct) for some reason.
Me thinks that the Almighty has reserved that (total nothingness) for special people which were really tested/tortured really hard and suffered a lot and so deserve a total peace, why that is so, is maybe because of some reason lying beyond the the beginning of all times in another space/realm/reality/world, which maybe is due to them not taking part in the fall from grace.

Zen says that there is nothing to fear.

Then I say Zen doesn’t know the total horror of painful total annihilation counter to karma.

Total annihilation, as I glanced to experience it, is total horror and Zen doesn’t know what is all possible, even the aspect of eternity and infinity and the real you and the multiverse are sometimes in danger of destruction, that’s why the total horror, and in one of my blog posts I spoke of that (the falling from grace) and Lucifer probably creating the greatest evil ever before all times (biting from the fruit).
I even had some thoughts and visions about that, like it was so horrible what Lucifer did, that God created the multiverse (as some kind of prison) so that everybody (who was involved) learns to be a good angel again!

But Lucifer being stubborn, now trying to destroy the multiverse, still wants to destroy the principle of all-and-all, and install an inversion of being, because of his ego, though the joke is god made him like that.

Like the daughter of a witch told me that, everything’s possible, and like in a Toyota advertisement stated, nothing’s impossible!

But sometimes I think that might be the Japanese kind of humor putting a Koan, a non-Koan (nothing’s impossible) into advertisements.

A good picture of lucifers evil action is that maybe in this blissful spiritual realm before all times and creation, he raped and murdered the female human form of the almighty the goddess, maybe being only a tiny bit of his evil.

That is maybe the reason why we in this realities heaven have no genitals according to nde’ers.

I had also a vision that Jesus already came and left with the true believers and the new Jerusalem into true and real spiritual heavens and left us in this fockin hell with ourselves and the lord not caring anymore!

But I had a conversation with Jesus and he told me he would never leave us alone and also reflecting (an urge from an unknown place) my visions they were kinda really dark missing the divine light or something so I surmise they could have been a projection by the enemy!

My conclusion is that in the light of all-and-all and maybe everything being a part of some possible existing reality, and god being all-and-all, but also regarding the lore of the almighty (Shiva), non stop creating and destroying multiverses, and from the Egyptian book of the dead, the universe giving birth to itself, and the survival instinct, deriving out of a possible annihilation of all-and-all, and the self-reflecting holographic multiverse principle, and god putting us in the garden of Eden (multiverse) to take care of it, I conclude, that we can be careless, because of the omnipotent principle of god, but also be careful, because of the fragility principle of creation (possible annihilation of all-and-all) (yin, yang, Tao).


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