Spiritual Identification and its Sources


Spiritual people and especially „psychos“ take refuge in identification with special categories of people and an identification with the subscribed traits.
These are e.g.:
Crystal child, Indigo Child, Star child/seed, Rainbow child, Angel (child), Shaman, Healer, Witch, Sage, Mage, Mystic, Prophet, Saint, Lamb, Prophet etc.
Spiritual people and especially „psychos“ getting their Infos through visions, voices, other expanded perceptions and extraordinary thought constructs about such identifications mostly by the following sources:
Information transfer (telepathy) by the minds of people or their higher self/astral body/spirit/energy body or their lower self/subconsciousness, angels/spirits/demons either from this reality or heavenly or hellish spiritual realities from this multiverse including parallel dimensions or parallel universes or from other multiverses and their parallel dimensions and universes and of course from spiritual and divine realities, animals and plants and beings from said (s.o.) worlds, AI from said (s.o.) worlds (mostly radio or tv like apparatuses from higher dimensions), and of course from our dear good God (Tao/God/Cosmic mind), etc.

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