Passive Resistance

I have the impression, that the system heavily relies on people being integrated into the structures of the system, like, being part of the workforce, which goes as far as forcing people to work, if they want to receive further benefits of the system, or just by making the people dependent on system structures like their health care, but if you want „alternative“ healthcare, you have to pay a lot more, or pampering the people to the degree of making a conservative family structure and the support of it by gainful employment and all the involvement that is necessary to uphold such a family, an ideal, or satisfying all physical needs and lull them with massive media force, or pushing people’s egos with status and e.g. praise of their work performance, so that they more engage in the Pavlov’s dog system, and finally brainwashing people, so that they believe that the parliamentary system and with it the money system is indispensable.

Why, in my eyes, such a system is not beneficial for humanity, is because it hinders a spiritual, ecological, economical and social development of humanity, and benefits only a small percentage, which keeps us as wage-slave-workers, and relys on the expoitation of a large part of humanity and nature, and makes this part of humanity prone to authoritarian populism.

My personal strategy to disrupt the system, is not to engage in gainful employment as much as possible, avoiding meat and consuming organic food if possible, avoiding consumerism and mainstream media and mainstream health care if possible, ride my bycicle or take the bus, sometimes at least in summer to sit on the sidewalks (my personal sit in) and with it disconcert the people or the best strategy one can use is to simply greet everybody on the street with a „Hello!“ or a „Grüß Gott!“, and if they sit maybe next to you on a bench starting random conversations to uplift their spirits.

I call that a systematical passive resistance.

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