Capitalist Agenda (Arbeit macht Frei)


Stands the notion of the capitalist free market idea of gainful employment behind some dark agenda, that is propagated as being the only possible kind of meaningful occupation, that goes in a lot of countries as far as forcing people to work as slave-wage-workers, if they want to receive further/future benefits of the ruthless capitalist society system, but if you decide to live on alms, you are an objective to repression, be it from fascists, which don’t like low life, or capitalist governments, which want you to drive out of inner cities, in order not to disturb the „ideal“ of prosperity,.
Why did the capitalists stole Nicola Tesla’s patents and destroyed his work, of free infinite energy, and therefore the possibility of a by now already available dupli/replicator, so that we by now already have had a money-free and therefor gainful employment based free society and already been engaging in meaningful social, spiritual etc. etc. etc. work.
Is my theory of the immortals (existence theory supported by Taoism, nagualism and the bible), and them living of our life energy (chi), like when I experienced when getting money from atm’s that at the same time there was a „source“ drawing energy (chi) from me.
Are these immortals simply lazy or afraid of facing their karma when they die out of lack of stolen energy?
What did they do?
What is their agenda?
Or better what do they want to do?
Do they wait for the physical incarnation of the eternal/infinite manifestation of the Almighty in order to destroy this avatar and so the all-and-all and install an inversion of being and be like the anti-god in an inversion of being in the all-and-all?
Are they so bored of life or were they beaten as children or what happened or is the almighty simply crazy for allowing such, or are the Hindus or the nagualists right that the all-and-all wants to get enlightened by experiencing everything possible and impossible, but if everything’s infinite and eternal does anything actually matter?
Regarding the fact that I dreamt into a parallel universe where the president of earth has been Adolf Hitler (maybe without killing Jews), and the philosophical thought experiment, that we could be brains attached to a virtual reality by mad scientist, is it possible that this mad scientist (God) (also regarding the competition principle of evolution and capitalist societies [maybe see the game civilization]) just watches us like snails in a snail rat-race which philosophy or thought concepts will win.
I think the almighty is nuttier than me.
Or is it simply the fecundity philosophy principle and we’re stuck in a war multiverse like the nagualists prophecied or like it is seen in the daily struggle we have like getting up or fighting a cold?

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