A critique on psychiatry and the special case of neuroleptics aka „antipsychotics“

nazi psychiatry

Psychiatry either doesn’t want to learn from evident or proven facts, or the professors won’t give proper information to the students, or if they do all the psychiatrists seem to ignore them.
One may ask like also Robert Whittaker surmised a psychiatrist guild interest behind it, is there a maybe darker agenda behind it?
Like the system upholding their status quo by drugging and even killing their „crazy“ („enlightened“) prophets, healers, seers, and what do I know.

Some examples:

  • There were tests/studies on regular „normal“ people taking Haldol in the ’80s, and them reporting having the feeling of their souls being dissolved by the drug (the psychiatrists ignore that). Now considering my own experiences with other neuroleptics, and the theory of feelings and perceptions, even if not confirmed by reductionist science, being possibly as of another reality, supported by quantum physics, even as a supposed „psycho“, I had experienced being lead to death and my soul dissolving by the drugs. This experiences and other experiences of almost a total annihilation caused by the drugs was accompanied by an overwhelming and horrifying feeling and knowing of maybe never existing again or that the angels would have to work really hard to restore my soul. One may ask, since i also had the impression that some or maybe all psychiatrists, have some kind of sixth sense or maybe somehow trained expanded perceptions, that they are either evil people that arbitrary „play“ with their patients and test the drugs, or test God to see his power and entice him to show himself and maybe even try to destroy dear god or aspects of it, because they can’t handle such aspects or are afraid of them or follow some fascist agenda of the „DIN-Norm“ (robot/master race) human. I also saw this kind of behavior lately on social media emerging, and call such people „hunters“.
  • The neuroleptics can also have the adverse effect of enforcing alternate states of consciousness, as I experienced my first time-travel on Haldol and the info about such „side effects“ found in the leaflet containing information for the user which accompanies the medicinal product (the psychiatrists ignore that).
  • The neuroleptics not only blocking also sometimes multiple receptors in all body nerves but even blocking the mitochondria (the motors/power plant) of all body cells and with this effects blocking a natural working, living and joyful life (the psychiatrists ignore that). I experienced that also at the beginning of my „psycho career“, not being able to walk long distances, and „knew“ it was from the „meds“ but psychiatrists lead me to mistrust myself and believing their distorted and twisted worldview, that that was a problem of a supposed sickness called „schizophrenia“. Even the psychiatrist can’t say that they are blind and not see our struggling with the meds but sending us to „industrial work therapy“ and hard physical and mental work though we are totally blocked. One of my fellow patients asked once commonly „Do they want to burn us?“ And after all my experiences and the knowledge of (most of) the psychiatrists having expanded perception, and them being arbitrary hunters and knowing of one psychiatry professor being a Freemason, I can wholeheartedly say, yes.
  • The psychiatrists an staff torturing us and with it trying to „teach“ us lessons/punishing us in conforming to their (fascist and trending) ideal of the „DIN-Norm“ (robot/master race) human, by restraining beds/jackets/“medication“ and isolation rooms, reported by a lot of fellow sufferers and experienced also by me.
  • Experimenting with their drugs and their ideal of the „DIN-Norm“ (robot/master race) human until they find the „right“ drugs and their (fascist and trending) ideal of the „DIN-Norm“ (robot/master race) human, like i experienced the docs supporting and rewarding especially compliant patients and punishing noncompliant patients, especially if they see patients fleeing the wards (them having an intuition/foreseeing of the horror of the psychiatry system) and hunting them down with fantasized risk of harm to themselves or others and then coercing them by court order or psychological pressure to take the psychiatrist poison. If they knew what drugs would do or which one works they would know which one to prescribe and not experimenting, like maybe physicians prescribing an antibiotic for bacterial infections.
  • Neuroleptics shortening the average lifespan by about 25 years and causing brain-shrinkage/damage and changing in brain chemistry, that may lead to unexpected or violent behavior (the psychiatrists ignore that) in patients and the „doctors“ interpreting that as „symptoms“ and force-feeding more psychopharmaka.
  • The psychiatrist staff (especially nurses) giving a fuck about the patients and mostly sitting in their „bunker“ and chit chatting and drinking coffee and writing down „strange“ behaviour of the patients, if they notice it, and so, and especially with their forceful support, also in restraining and punishing patients also with other methods (e.g. downers („meds“)), partaking in the fascistoid psychiatrist system!
  • Lately also drugging children, which have no known psychological strains, but maybe having human experiences, or like shamans say, being chosen to have extraordinar experiences.
  • Excusing their disease paradigm and their evil pill and torture psychiatry with the pressure of suffering of some of the patients and thus forcing it an all patients willing or not, though alternative worldviews of such conditions and alternative handling of such expanded states of consciousness existed since long times and are also newly developed (see e.g. Open Dialogue or shamanic etc. systems)

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