Broken system as designed to be

dead-trees-Broken system

What the fuck is wrong with humanity?

Since the beginning of human settledness about 50% of all forests have been stripped of this planet and every year the deforestation takes a tall of 130.000 km^2 of forests at the moment by humans.

The rate of extinction of earths flora and fauna since the settledness of humanity exceeds 1000 to 10.000 fold, compared to a natural extinction, and the world loses about 380 animal and plant species EVERY DAY! according to scientists through human influence!

According to the UN World Food Program, around 795 million people around the world are starving (as of 2015), about one in nine (11%). Every year about 8.8 million people die of hunger.

In 2001, according to the World Bank, 21% of the world’s population had less than $ 1, and 50% less than $ 2 in local purchasing power per day, and were considered extremely poor.

10 % of the richest people on earth owned about 85,2% of the whole wealth/assets on earth in the year 2000 with its figures rising.

There have been about 600 known major war conflicts since the beginning of the historical recording, with rising figures in modern times.
In the 20th century, about 100-185 million people died from wars.

And money crimes, rape, murder, human trafficking and brutalization of humanity in unimagined extent.

Not to forget the worldwide weapon rearmament of conventional weapons and weapons of mass destruction (e.g. nuclear weapons)!

Though the masters visit the earth every now and then and remind humanity to take care of each other and the world, they simply give a fuck!
Humanity still indulges in this fucked up broken as an intended system and wanks on consumerism, exploitation, killing, and humiliation of each other.

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