My teacher


My teacher explained to me, that in order to prove scientific theories with experiments, you actually would have to lead the exact same experiments ad infinitum to prove that the outcome of the experiments are always the same ad infinitum and confirms the theory.
Because you can never know or prove that the laws of the physical nature of the universe don’t somehow change by accident or improbability some time, or that some omnipotent being changes the nature of the laws of the universe somehow.
But would we actually notice the change, or would also our nature of consciousness change so that we would be like, if we wouldn’t be „aware“ or „conscious“ (some kind of enlightened), awakening in an unaware conscious state in a total different reality and just „live with it“ and never know that we actually lived in another reality?
Is it even possible that we live in a reality that is in another reality or that our reality encompasses even within human beings another reality?

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