Beaming and Quantum entanglemnt versus Duplication and Quantum entanglemnt

As far as I understand quantum entanglement, you initially have two quants separated by space which through an unknown principle entangle, and when measured have opposite properties like spin but don’t get dissolved of some kind and lose existence one or the other (so actually it is some kind of info transfer).
Now if you look at from scientists proposed experiment of taking a third quant, that through the mediation from the first quant onto the second quant „beams“ his info onto the second quant, why should that third quant loose its existence, when it simply just transfers the info on the second quant, through mediation from the first, which is actually only double quantum entanglement, and in a simple quantum entanglement none of both quants loses its existence status!
It is actually a duplication!
Am I not getting the principle of quantum entanglement or are some scientist being irrational?
Even if you force somehow the info between the quanta and the third quant loses its existence why not the first one and just simply the second quant survives, though it’s just (forceful) info transfer!
Is also the mass and energy transferred, then the second quant maybe should have the double or triple energy and mass, because energy can’t be destroyed through transfer and should somehow manifest in the last quant.
But if mass gets destroyed during quantum entanglement we maybe should observe it also naturally in some other daily objects like maybe muscle or nerve quanta and them losing mass through involuntary and random quantum entanglement and so if you also consider everything being a wave and „splitting“ into multiple parallel universes, maybe the initial universe also should dissolve through loss of mass or energy.
I think quantum entanglement of two quanta through the mediation of a third is more of a duplication.
So if through the actual techniques of forced entanglement the initial quant has to be destroyed and can’t be saved, then the used technique for such a forced entanglement is vain, like maybe the actual techniques of producing energy in which the earth is destroyed by a) in the process of extraction of the resources and b) the waste of the energy producing process.
Maybe they should then search for a more „soft“ technique of quantum entanglement!

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