Chackra cleansing(work)


If you feel sick or „dirty“ in your main chackra system (see spirituality page of my blog site), it may not be even in your main chackras but possibly also in your side-chackras, you can conduct the following little chackra cleansing ritual:

You may be sitting, lieing or even standing, that is not too important, but you should be in a relaxed state of mind.
Now form a „claw“ with your hand as if you were holding a ball. Preferably start with your base chackra. Move that „claw“ counterclockwise („being the chackra the clock“) in front of the chackra to be cleansed and visualize the „sick“ or „dark“ energy being sucked into that „claw“. If you feel the chackra being cleansed throw that bad energy into the universe and let the universe get the rest of the job done.
Finally now you should „heal“ or fill your chackrs with light. Form a flat hand and move your flat hand clockwise („being the chackra the clock“) in front of the cleansed chackra and visualize light and the to it belonging colour according to the rainbow chackra system channeling from your crown chackra through your spine, arm and hand, floating and filling your cleansed chackra.
Possibly repeat that with all main chackras and maybe with all side chackras.
(Smoke a ciggi afterwards 😉 )

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