Aids with bad psychedelic experiences (horror trip/paranoia)

horror trip


Drink a cold beer, cold Coca-Cola, cold orange or lemon juice or cold sparkling mineral water.
Lay down flat on your stomach preferably on the floor with a carpet.

LSD and mushrooms:

Drink some cold coca-cola, cold beer or cold sparkling mineral water.

For all:

Go out on fresh air.
Take showers or baths with warm or fresh water, depending on what your body desires and what feels best at the moment.
Drink a cold coca cola.
Talk to positive friends, hug them or let them touch you.
Avoid situations with sexual tensions or sex at all.
Make a tobacco sacrifice in the direction you feel is the emergency.
Sprinkle some water in the direction you feel is the emergency.
Light some incense and candles and smoke a ciggie or CBD-hemp.

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