Total freedom or Total detachment, free will and the special case of Nagualism

Freedom actually means that you are capable of living your life according to your free will, that including such things as to do good acts as well as „evil“ acts, according to your free will. But is there actually existing a free will comparing it to maybe random numbers falling into Gaus‘ normal distribution? How can you actually prove that random numbers don’t follow a pattern given by higher intelligence, despite Gauss‘ normal distribution, or that you have free will and not follow a „cosmic“ plan? (compare: Isaiah 45:7 “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.”)
So now the Nagualists follow a goal of total freedom in following the Eagles (spirit) plan impeccably, but also bending the Eagles will and actually doing what they like, refusing alien energy, and not interacting too much with the world, and at the end defeating death and becoming in this act energy beings, that live millions of years kinda autonomously of their own energy and don’t take of the universes infinite energy.
Is that kind of a total detachment (not interacting with the world and refusing alien energy, though actually everything’s somehow connected if you want it or not) or total freedom or free will if they bend the Eagles will or is that also the Eagles will.
So their goal is total freedom which ends in being an energy being, and at the total end dissolve because out of lack of energy. But if according to Nagualism an average human being dissolves anyway at death and is eaten by the eagle and has also free will, what difference does it make how you live, and maybe all the other spiritualists are right that you’re an infinite and eternal soul/spirit that acts according to its karma?

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