Coffee / Kaffee / kava / kava / café / café / caffè (Coffea arabica et canephora)

Coffee has an initially calming effect. In older people, coffee combats the drop in respiratory rate when falling asleep, which can improve their sleep quality.

The regular consumption of three, four or more cups of coffee has a positive influence on numerous organs and bodily functions. In some diseases, coffee even appears to have a marked preventive or protective effect. Basically, therefore, for most medical reasons, coffee does not have to be dispensed with. In individual cases, you should consult with a doctor again. In particular, this applies to women in pregnancy. The caffeine in coffee is also associated with a slowing of fetal growth and an increased risk of lower birth weight.

As the caffeine in coffee promotes the ability to concentrate, eg. used for ADHD treatment methylphenidate. However, as the amount of coffee consumed increases, the opposite effect occurs, and the symptoms of caffeine include concentration disorders and hyperactivity. The mechanism of this effect has not yet been sufficiently clarified.

The coffee inebriation consumed in about 1 cup or more, can lead to heightened awareness, perception and sensitivity.

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