Enlightened ones and politics and spirituality


Is an enlightened one allowed or supposed to engage in politics and spirituality?

It seems as if politics and spirituality are both hindrances to true awakening. The yogi becomes enlightened when he drops the content of not only the human side of things but all facets related to it, including politics and spirituality.

But if a yogi dropped the content of not only the human side of things but all facets related to it, including politics and spirituality and became enlightened, a lot of them play what is called the guru game. A truly awakened one understands that most, if not all, of his followers will never attain an awakened state so they give them practices like mantras, mudras, asanas, meditations and so on to placate their desire for awakening, which is another chink in the armor, so to speak, since the desire to become enlightened is yet another hindrance to attainment.
But isn’t enlightenment part of spirituality or the other way around, spirituality part of enlightenment?

Regarding political activism of enlightened ones, maybe they should engage in politics since they could also be the objective of repression even torture and death when you look at the current uprising of fascism. Methinks even if you are totally detached from suffering or reality or whatever, you should also acknowledge the fact that me thinks, ending of suffering is a goal of enlightenment, as seen in the awakened Buddha, and so the ending of possibly changeable outer circumstances should also be considered by enlightened ones as a goal.

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