Possible Medical Applications

Future Medicine

For clogged arteries

You could put something like a tiny tunnel drilling machine at the end of a flexible endoscope and scrub and grind the concretions of the wands of arteries.

For caries

You could find an enzyme produced by genetically manipulated cells, that binds to specifically chemically altered and specifically chemically newly composed enamel molecules and sections of the, through caries bacteria chemically altered and destroyed, dental enamel molecules. After applying and the enzymes sectioning of the destroyed dental enamel, you could simply flush it away and apply some dental filling (maybe artificial dental enamel).

For comminuted fractures

Somehow stabilize the comminuted bone fractured limb in an inflatable cushion form, and with injecting some of the new organic tissue gluing glue in the bone space, let it heal and bind the comminuted bone fractures. After the bone healing, you could, with an operation, smooth the wands of the bone/glue conglomerate, if some fractured pieces are scrubbing against the muscles.

For gallbladder stones

You could use the same ultrasound apparatus as with kidney stones, just turn around the patient towards the ultrasound shooting probe or shoot the ultrasound from above.

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