Psychiatry and Drug rehabilitation


I find it strange that in Germany we have two differing state-funded aids:
psychiatry and drug rehabilitation clinics [though both are hosted by psychiatrists].
Both have very different approaches:

The detox hospitals say: „Do not drown your worries in alcohol! Do not take a drug every day to escape your problems! Everyone has a hard time, and we need to learn to deal with them without a chemical escape. Be drug-free so you can be healthy and happy!“

Psychiatry says: „Your feelings and thoughts are sick! You are deficient because you feel and think so! Take these medications for the rest of your life, so that you will be accepted so sedated by society! You will die 20 years earlier, but at least you’re „normal.“ And if you do not want to get sedated, you’re even sicker than we thought! „

How damn confused these poor people must be in both systems.

(Elisabeth Friis Andersen)

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