(Over) Lightspeed


This should have been an article about time not passing while on lightspeed (see the concept of relativistic time) and therefore actually equals over lightspeed because when no time is passing while traveling on lightspeed you practically already there when you start your travel. But I looked at the mass of photons and it says it’s a massless (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massless_particle) particle. Now when you want to calculate the energy of a photon through e=mc^2 and insert 0 into the equation you get an e=0 that means it’s an energyless particle (actually isn’t light supposed to be energy?). Now if you want to calculate lightspeed with Einsteins equation c should be the square root of energy divided with mass which equals the square root of zero divided by zero (massless and energyless), but if you know a little about maths, it is not allowed (possible) to divide by zero, or is such actually the abstract math I was visualizing/fantasizing about?
But if 0 is only the rest mass of a photon and not the relativistic mass than the resting speed of a photon is actually zero and therefore 0 (energyless) / 0 (massless) = 0 (lightspeed), but that can’t be lightspeed is a constant not equal to zero. So if it is claimed that photons have a relativistic mass (because they seem to have some energy) that means they never stop their movement and so don’t rest and don’t have a rest mass of anything whatsoever, that means if you bring down a photon to rest where they have no mass whence the laws of physics/maths are not valid anymore maybe that means they have a rest mass otherwise einsteins equation wouldn’t work bc of division by zero. So there’s a problem either the photon has a rest mass or is energyless at rest and doesn’t exist anymore (energy and massless) (but you can’t destroy energy!) or it simply means 0 divided 0 equals 0, but if it has a rest mass then near light speed it becomes a massive mass.
So like I said somewhere else maybe everything’s relative so also constants and laws of physics (and maths?).
So if there’s existing over lightspeed (e.g. quantum entanglement) according to the first sentence then the mass and energy of such an entity or maybe photon if infinitely accelerated becomes infinitesimal therefor infinite energy and if the photon is rested energy and mass becomes zero (destruction of energy) so the possible nothingness. So maybe my tract about nothingness and the void (the tao) is true?

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