curandero con la koka et regalos para dios

(Altered) Thoughts, visions, voices, and other (altered) perceptions reflect the outside/the inside and vice versa, and if thoughts are voices or visions or vise versa then where do the thoughts come from (also consider (my posts about thoughts and) quantum entanglement)? If you suffer from your (altered) perceptions, you can of course change the point of view/what you’re looking at or hearing, maybe by a prayer, or, as Neem Karoli Baba once said if you’re on a psychedelic trip (and „sz“ is nothing else) focus on god almighty and everything’s gonne be okay!



The psych doctors tell you that the active agent in neuroleptics need to build up a level over a few weeks, to suppress the symptoms though it is known that they enter the neuronal gap immediately shortly after the intake , and on my first „trip“ i came down without the help of neuroleptics but through talks with my friends and then girlfriend and with sex, hash and beer.
And now i surmise that the most help in mental wards is through other patients (supporting social contact overthe course of a few weeks), as i heard often and experienced also myself, and also my psych doc told me that the main function of nl’s is a dampening and numbing one and not an antipsychotic one (tranquilizer that suppoerts the positive social contact in wards)!

Here a few studies on the longterm outcomes with and without neuroleptics and the braindamage and life expectancy shortage it does:

Spiritual Crisis

If out of an expanded perception, like hearing voices, having visions, and other expanded perceptions, and so through instructions from the otherworld, and through the influence of the own spirit (higher self), and so through informations out of higher consciousness realities, and maybe other incarnations, or future visions, and so through it intensifying the consciousness/mind/brain activity (which can also be achieved through other mind altering methods, like „drugs“ (also psychiatric), meditation or other practices), follows an expanded consciousness and maybe other spiritual conditions, like dissolving the ego or dissolving ego-boundaries and so relating everything to oneself, or maybe contemplating the meaning of life, and so follows a spiritual crisis if one is not prepared for such and can’t, because of the rationalized western mind, integrate it in ones world(view)/reality, and the person now wants to classify said perceptions and states of expanded consiousness into ones world(view)/reality with the help of available thoughtconstructs out of books (also fiction), (contemporary) music (lyrics), movies, other media and other information sources, and now mixes ones own altered state of consciousness and infos with the western worldview and said information sources, there might sure come a total spiritual trip, which psychiatrists call schizophrenia, but the least of the so called „patients“ have real pressure of suffering on the first trip, which only comes later through the repetativ mindsupressing sickness talk of psychiatrists and bad neurotoxic psychotropic psychiatric drugs.
Possible help on integrating the other world in to ones reality may come through classifying expanded perception and its infos, states of expanded consciousness and its infos, and other information sources (media etc.) into cathegories by thinking about/analyzing/differentiating and with the help of meditation and other selfcontrol techniques calming/grounding oneself, and other methods (see spiritualized psychos page).



Looking at some new wave feminist statements, I could almost think they want revenge, if not matriarchy, and that being an authoritarian! E.g. if you look at some of the new wave „feminists“ rise in abuse of men as sexual objects to just satisfy their physical needs or in the example of female domestic violence, and if you want to speak about men’s rights they say you’re privileged etc. and are not allowed out of such a position and a millenia long lasting opression to speak out on behalf of mens rights!
Is it really worth it to turn around the word and act out revenge and keep up a viscious cycle of abuse and hurt!
Shouldn’t peace and love rule the world?


Normal cannabis or as you get in on the street or in coffeeshops in holland and the usa, has mostly a lot more thc (psychedlic/psychoactive compund) then cbd (anxyolytic, calming, „antipsychotic“/antipsychedelic compound), amomg many other Cannabis alkaloids, that also act medicinical (also seen in the spiritual efect of spirit over psyche, over mind, over matter), and therefor intensifies the psych(e)(ic) state you had before the psychedelic experience, or exposes what is burried deep down in your soul (is psychedelic/bringing forth the soul) , or you might get an access to paranormal consciousness.
Where as industrial or CBD Hemp has a greater amount of CBD and therefore mostly poses no threat to your psych(e)(ical) state of mind but calmes down, also anxiety and expanded states of the soul!
Cannabis medicinal properties cross over a wide range of sicknessess, e.g.:
Pains, multiple sclerosis, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, cancer, insomnia, epilepsy, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar, depression, schizophrenia, OCD, colitis ulcerosa, arthritis, Morbus Crohn, arthritis etc……
It is also used by Saddhus as a spiritual plant to induce trance like states of mind and connect with the spirit and devine worlds!

principia-mathmatica- Proof that 1+1=2

Is there more than light and darkness?
In quantum science thinking there are more than ones and zero, that no and yes, there is also a „maybe“, and maybe there is more than the quantum realistic thinking!
Are we all the light that wants to be enlightened?
Light is energy, and energy is matter, and that is life, and everything springs from love also life.
A saint once said everything was made of love, EVERYTHING!, (see also Isaiah 45: 7 „I make the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.“) (god is light/love) and God „beats“ (gives crises / life tasks) his beloved children in order to evolve, even evil was made of love!
In the bible is written that you have to „overcome“ (mistakes) (excuse yourself at god, etc.), if you have done something bad you can reincarnate to make it right again, but you can also act out of the spiritual world as angel or spirit to straighten out your mistakes!
You might wanna open your heart to the light not only your mind / consciousness (or vice versa) then you’ll understand it better!

 Hit the Lights


No fear (paranoia) is without reason! Everything has a source in the multidimensional reality of the all-and-all; actio = reactio!
Maybe it is just an unempathical desription of someone’s reality that the other is not possible to understand ?
(Out of a talk with Anneke Cummings)

Paranoid Android


Sometimes you’re seen as mentally ill when you’re quietly sitting on your couch ruminating and thinkink about life and its meaning and not getting things done, and other times you’re seen as mentally ill when your upbeat, dancing on the streets and talking about seemingly „crazy“ stuff and not getting anything done, but when you’re living an avarege life, working, sleeping, eating, watching telly, fucking and so forth as the system wants you to, you’re deemed normal and healthy!
Is that the opression of the system on „crazy“ people if you’re no performance oriented benefit to the system you get punished and tortured into obeying the system?
Is that the capitalist democratic fascism as executed by the majority on minorities seen in the example of „psychos“?
Is that the difference between an broad path to damnation and the hard rocky road to salvation, Jesus spoke of?

Love of the Common People