Life after death from a scientific point of view

According to Einstein’s famous formula, the universe (so also life forms) allegedly consists mostly of energy and (condensed energy =) matter (e=mc^2).
Also consciousness in an scientific understanding is mostly energy or energyvibrations, see nervecells conductiong electric impulses and maybe nervecells storing infos (memories and the like) in quantastates (abstract [energy] vibrations) or chemical molecules, not regarding the concept of a soul or abstract subtle consciousness body (form).
So according to the energy conservation law (if consciousness should be a scientific construct(?)), energy never gets lost (and can’t be destroyed) but just transforms in its aggregate state, e.g. from friction energy into heat enargy etc., so at death if we loose life (principle), consciousness if we accredit it an energetic property or state of being, shouldn’t be lost but maybe set free or changing in its aggregate state.
So if the energy is set free at death, it maybe unites with the (spiritual) cosmic energy (vibration) and you become one with All, a goal that some seek (also at lifetime) and possibly some or everybody achieves at death.

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