Approach to other realities


If you encounter other realities and their inhabitants, and thought constructs and fantasies coming of such realities and beings, may it be in a psychedelic travell, or in an unsought for (sober) entering in other realities, or maybe through (Kundalinin) meditation or some devotional practices or some dreaming practices (lucid etc.), you should encounter such worlds/realities (states of the mind) with equanimity and without fear, and relatively neutral though it not be possible in such altered states of mind, and most important without judging and assessing these realities/worlds, in order not to go nuts.
How can one achieve to be in an equnimous etc. state as in the above described?
Some recommend yoga or meditation or other forms of selfcontrol management techniques.
E.g. Try to overcome and let go of your fear of (altered( ir/realities by observing the situation and saying „ah this is this and that“, not judging, just experiencing, maybe face/embrace the situation with joy and loving.
Calm your emotions.
Or when encounteing beings from other realities, being polite and asking „how can i help“, and maybe fulfilling such asked tasks i f their no threat to others or self.
But if it is too intense, you might wanna come down some how by „medical“ means (see also pages „spiritualized medicine“ and „spiritualized ‚psychos'“) or by just going into daylight or if it’s night, light some candles or electric light, or trying to sleep with some „medical“ (s.a.) assistamce and some good vibes music on.


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