Made in Auschwitz, Psychiatry the invisible War (Book Review)

Made in Auschwitz, Psychiatry the invisible War

REVIEW by Winston Smith: Under the provocative title „Made in Auschwitz. Psychiatry: The Invisible War „, Andrzej Skulskis and his two coauthors try to explain to outsiders what is going on behind the closed doors of psychiatry and its vicious circle. This is not such an easy task given the omnipresent psychiatric propaganda. Many pretend to know about psychiatry, but only those who have seen it from within can really tell. In three chapters history, current developments in psychiatry and politics, as well as the alternative project „Art Bonus“ of the author are presented. Conclusion of the book: Psychiatry is a single fraud on a global scale. It does not help the so-called „afflicted“ but directs them by means of drugs and tyranny to internalize the role of the „mentally ill“. So millions of people are demoted to the intellectual level of a broccoli by chemical club. In this state they vegetate then drooling and twitching, between dorm and workshop for the disabled. The administered drugs ensure that the life expectancy of those affected by up to 32 years is shortened. An enslavement of industrial proportions that, in the author’s opinion, reminds of Nazi concentration camps. Outsiders, who think that they can not be comitted, because psychiatry is only for the mentally ill and the mentally handicapped, will rub their eyes when reading this book. The therapeutic state is driven forward at all levels. Politicians make common cause with the psychiatry lobby. About absolutely everyone hangs the Damocles sword of forced psychiatry.

Link to PDF of the Book (German Version):

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