Avarage life?

Sometimes you’re seen as mentally ill when you’re quietly sitting on your couch ruminating and thinkink about life and its meaning and not getting things done, and other times you’re seen as mentally ill when your upbeat, dancing on the streets and talking about seemingly „crazy“ stuff and not getting anything done, but when you’re living an avarege life, working, sleeping, eating, watching telly, fucking and so forth as the system wants you to, you’re deemed normal and healthy!
Is that the opression of the system on „crazy“ people if you’re no performance oriented benefit to the system you get punished and tortured into obeying the system?
Is that the capitalist democratic fascism as executed by the majority on minorities seen in the example of „psychos“?
Is that the difference between an broad path to damnation and the hard rocky road to salvation, Jesus spoke of?

Love of the Common People

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